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Google I/O 2011: The Five Biggest Letdowns


Google I/O 2012 kicks off in a few days, and given that more than a year has passed since the last Google developer’s gathering, I thought I’d take a minute to look back at all of the 2011 broken promises. Here’s my list of letdowns. 5. Google TV – It’s easy to pick on Google TV. I mean, the Logitech Revue sold so badly that it cost the CEO of the company his job. Promises were made, and those promises

Of course Android will survive the patent mess.


I just love reading the missives surrounding the whole Android patent mess that Google not only allowed to happen, but they seemingly encouraged. There were a lot of things that Google could have done to prevent this mess from being such an issue, they just didn’t. Way back in 2005 when Google bought Android they could have dedicated a floor in the Android building to patent lawyers. You know, the kind that put a unique spin on the plainly obvious

Apple vs Google, the cloud showdown


Apple’s recently announced iCloud service is a clear response to the loosely organized but very widely used Google cloud assortment. If you look, Apple seems to have all of the major Google bases covered. There’s mail, calendar, contacts, documents and music to go along with App Store and iTunes Music Store history. It’s a well rounded product from what can be seen and used today, and it was very convenient to download all of the iTunes purchases that I had

If Michael Dell farted would it leave a Dell Streak in his shorts?

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Michael Dell and Dell computers. I will admit that I have a deep hatred for all things Dell and it was owning a Dell computer that turned me to building my own computers. I hate Dell. There. Mike Dell, the same Mike Dell who in 1997 famously said in answer to a question from C|Net about what he would do if he were running Apple: “What would I do?

Google Wants Spotify Again?

There are rumors making the rounds that Google is once again trying to acquire Spotify to power its online music product. I can’t even keep count of the number of times Google has been rumored to be chasing after Spotify, is this the third time? It almost did happen last year with a rumored purchase price of $1 billion but infighting at Google killed the deal. It seemed that there were multiple groups inside the plex that each wanted to

Something to love about HTC Sense

It may have taken Apple three years to invent copy/paste but did they ever invent it well. The Android implementation of this Apple invention had always been a real letdown for me, until I got my Thunderbolt. Thank you HTC for implementing a clean, functional copy/paste function. It seems so simple, but the HTC implementation on Froyo is far better than than the AOSP implementation in Gingerbread. Posted from WordPress for Android Related Posts:Google I/O 2011: The Five Biggest LetdownsOf course

Dropped XM Online Radio

I have really been fed up with the problems with the XM Android app. It looks horrible, but the real problem is all of the stuttering in the audio. It stops to buffer every 30 or 40 seconds. I’ve had Pandora on my Droid for a while now but hadn’t used it much. I’ve been all over it for the last few weeks and I am really happy with what it offers. No, there aren’t any DJ’s but given how