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Amazon Cloud Player – A Closer Look

I’ve now had several hours to work with the new Amazon MP3 Cloud Player service and I am really impressed with what they have done. Given some of the other options that I have tried in this space it is really somewhat surprising how good version 1 of this app is. This is, in my opinion just another piece of the foundation that Amazon is laying in support of their coming Android tablets and phones. I’ll have a little more

Amazon Cloud Drive – More than music

What I, and seemingly every other early blog post that I have seen missed is that Amazon Cloud Drive is for more than music. You can also upload documents, photos, videos and other files types up to 2GB each as well. This is a much bigger play than just music. Related Posts:Why Google has to Buy Spotify and not “Partner” with SpotifyAmazon Instant Video is Coming to AndroidAmazon MP3 Sales

First Look: Amazon MP3 Cloud Player

  I saw the update to Amazon MP3 for my Thunderbolt right around midnight and the Cloud Player really caught my eye. This is the first mainstream cloud music service and I am actually quite impressed with how Amazon has implemented the new service. Your account starts out with 5GB of storage for free. Additional storage can be purchased at the rate of about $1 per GB per year, but until the end of this year if you buy an

Pay fixed price for unlimited music?

Got this via Google Alerts this morning. Seems the Dutch version of RIAA is going to propose a plan where ALL Dutch Internet subscribers will pay what amounts to $30 US each month for unlimited P2P music downloads. This fee would apply to EVERYONE. Even those who don’t download music. Think that dog would hunt in the United States? Related Posts:No Related Posts

Slacker Desktop Radio

Being the huge music fan that I am I jumped on the new Slacker Music Service the very minute that they released their online music player. It’s free (and ad free until the paid service is ready) and I like bright, shinny new objects. I am a heavy user of both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio and listen all day every day while at work and this seemed like a great fit for my rotation. I didn’t love their online