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So Verizon is switching to tiered data


It took me almost a month to set up my Wi-Fi access when I got my Thunderbolt. I get the fauxG speeds at my house, so I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to get it done. In that first month of usage I used nearly 4GB of data on my phone. In the 2 months since I added my Wi-Fi network I’ve used less than 1GB on the fast fauxG pipes each month. Well, I’m all done saving Verizon’s bandwidth.

The Blackberry Playbook is less than half baked

There have been three models of the Playbook announced even though none have been released. It isn’t going to run Android apps. But it will because RIM doesn’t have any native apps to run on it. It won’t have native email, calendar and contacts. But it will because RIM is really catching all kinds of hell for not thinking to have these apps completed for the first release. Laughable. RIM was at CES with their little vaporware tablet and there

Why I’m waiting for a webOS Tablet – Followup

I made a point yesterday that I love webOS but there is a key point that I left out of my missive and that is sharing. My ideal webOS tablet and phone combination would have the ability to share freely between the two devices and not just sharing the 3G connection. PreCentral’s source says this is coming and if it is I can’t wait. If I’m reading or responding to an email how great would it be to hit a

Music Phones Don’t Matter

I don’t really dig into the iPod vs >insert music player here< battles because there really is no right or wrong side of the coin. You love your iPod, or you love your iRiver or whatever else and that is all that matters. I do however read all of the hype about convergence between cell phone and music player and how the iPod will lose dominance to the music enabled phone. One word. Thirteen letters. FORGETABOUTIT! I have a music