Monthly Archives: October 2007

HD Radio. Anybody?

Apparently not. I know that the guy with the totally anti-HD Radio blog posted a link to the charts but I much prefer using Google Trends. Google being the largest search engine their Trends site is a pretty accurate view of what is hot and what is not in terms of what people are actually searching for. Here is the Google Trends chart for Sirius, XM, HD Radio and Slacker: Yep, nobody gives a good fat damn about (NBC

What happened with NBC/iTunes?

Mr. Zucker has sounded off. You just knew it was about money. You know, NBC wanting to raise prices and Jobs telling them to go screw. It is a very well known fact that most of the time these relationships between the content provider and Apple always come to blows over what Steve won’t let them charge. The content provider wanting to raise prices and Jobs holding the line. You can argue the point that it is the right of

Pay fixed price for unlimited music?

Got this via Google Alerts this morning. Seems the Dutch version of RIAA is going to propose a plan where ALL Dutch Internet subscribers will pay what amounts to $30 US each month for unlimited P2P music downloads. This fee would apply to EVERYONE. Even those who don’t download music. Think that dog would hunt in the United States? Related Posts:No Related Posts

Terror Planning with Google Earth

Who knew someone would use Google Earth for something like this: Palestinian militants are using Google Earth to help plan their attacks on the Israeli military and other targets, the Guardian has learned Here is the story from Guardian Online. These words from a terrorist sums it up quite nicely: "We obtain the details from Google Earth and check them against our maps of the city centre and sensitive areas," Khaled Jaabari, the group’s commander in Gaza who is known


Being a DirecTV subscriber I love the service. I get a lot more choice than cable in my area and the price is about half of what my local cable company wants to charge me. I haven’t bought an HDTV because I didn’t want to drop that kind of money for 7 or 8 HD channels. I have a 50" TV in my family room and frankly that met my needs quite nicely given the very limited availability of HD

New Napster Version 4

Friday I set up a new computer to handle my music and my Inno. I needed to download the Napster software today so that I could manage recordings on the Inno. I was more than a little surprised by what I saw when the software started. The middle screen is the XM Radio online service, but the rest of that window is very iTunes like don’t you think? More correctly, the way that the sections are setup, the location bar

Slacker Desktop Radio

Being the huge music fan that I am I jumped on the new Slacker Music Service the very minute that they released their online music player. It’s free (and ad free until the paid service is ready) and I like bright, shinny new objects. I am a heavy user of both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio and listen all day every day while at work and this seemed like a great fit for my rotation. I didn’t love their online