Ouya: don’t judge until you’ve tried it


It seems that I might have maybe dismissed the Ouya rather unfairly as a solution without a problem, this little console is a lot better than I had imagined it could be. I went to Target yesterday intent on buying a PlayStation Vita, but I just couldn’t bring myself to complete the transaction. On my way to the children’s department to buy my daughter a book and a toy, I see the Ouya sitting in the far corner of the

New Roku models announced, more screen real estate sold to the high bidder


Roku announced their new models that have been swirling the rumor mill over the last several weeks, and as a die-hard Roku fan, I’m not really all that happy about what I see. I like the looks of the new hardware, and I certainly like that the new Roku HD, now known simply as the Roku 1 now supports 1080p streaming at the same $60 price point. But then there’s this other stuff. Roku CEO Anthony Wood just told the

Product Review: Nyko Charge Station U

87155  Charge Station U

I absolutely love the GamePad on my Wii U, but coupled with Wiimotes and Pro Controllers, the newest Nintendo console has a way of taking over an entertainment center. As soon as I heard about this Nyko charger, I knew I had to have it. I’ve been using it now for several months, and with great games finally starting to hit for the Wii U, I thought this would be a good time to finally review this charger. Overview Your

Google I/O 2011: The Five Biggest Letdowns


Google I/O 2012 kicks off in a few days, and given that more than a year has passed since the last Google developer’s gathering, I thought I’d take a minute to look back at all of the 2011 broken promises. Here’s my list of letdowns. 5. Google TV – It’s easy to pick on Google TV. I mean, the Logitech Revue sold so badly that it cost the CEO of the company his job. Promises were made, and those promises

A Practical Guide to Canceling XM Radio


Depending on what my mood was when you asked, I’d have told you that this blogs domain name came about during the time when I was a dual cable and satellite TV subscriber, or from the time when I was a dual subscriber to Sirius and XM. Regardless of which story I tell at what time, when I subscribed to XM back in 2005 I thought that I would be a subscriber for life. Then Sirius bought them out. I’ve

A Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) DirecTV horror story


My son graduated from college, got his first real (great) job and moved in to one of the hottest properties in our area. That’s the good part of the story. When my son got his move in date for his new apartment he called DirecTV to order service. We’ve been customers for years and have always loved what DirecTV offers. He jumped on calling because he had seen a commercial offering free Sunday Ticket for new subscribers and he didn’t

Of course Android will survive the patent mess.


I just love reading the missives surrounding the whole Android patent mess that Google not only allowed to happen, but they seemingly encouraged. There were a lot of things that Google could have done to prevent this mess from being such an issue, they just didn’t. Way back in 2005 when Google bought Android they could have dedicated a floor in the Android building to patent lawyers. You know, the kind that put a unique spin on the plainly obvious

HBO and Showtime need to cut the cord too


Both of my kids went away for college and like a lot of dorm dwellers they did without some pay TV luxuries provided at home. Both survived their torment by recording things to the DVR’s at home and having marathon TV sessions on their next trip home, but why should they have to? Why can’t HBO, Showtime and other pay TV networks break free from cable and satellite? Dorm room cable offers kids the basics of TV entertainment, but mostly

Apple vs Google, the cloud showdown


Apple’s recently announced iCloud service is a clear response to the loosely organized but very widely used Google cloud assortment. If you look, Apple seems to have all of the major Google bases covered. There’s mail, calendar, contacts, documents and music to go along with App Store and iTunes Music Store history. It’s a well rounded product from what can be seen and used today, and it was very convenient to download all of the iTunes purchases that I had

So Verizon is switching to tiered data


It took me almost a month to set up my Wi-Fi access when I got my Thunderbolt. I get the fauxG speeds at my house, so I wasn’t exactly in a hurry to get it done. In that first month of usage I used nearly 4GB of data on my phone. In the 2 months since I added my Wi-Fi network I’ve used less than 1GB on the fast fauxG pipes each month. Well, I’m all done saving Verizon’s bandwidth.

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